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Philadelphia Burn Injury Lawyer

Compensation for the Physical, Emotional and Financial Impact

Few injuries are as painful as third-degree burns. Beyond the physical agony, burn victims face a long and difficult recovery in all facets of their lives. At Luber Law, we invest the time and resources to help clients and their families cope with the aftermath and recover as fully as possible.

Trial lawyer Michael Luber has practiced in personal injury for nearly 40 years. His record of verdicts and settlements includes many recoveries for victims of severe burn injuries. He is attuned to the medical considerations and the profound personal impact.

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Severe Burn Injury From Fires, Explosions, Chemicals or Electric Shock

We have represented construction and industrial workers burned in fires, explosions or electrical accidents. We have also represented victims of chemical burn injuries or car fires in auto accidents. In addition to his skill at proving liability, Michael Luber excels at detailing the care needs and suffering of burn victims. He works with medical specialists and other professionals to build the case for damages:

  • Weeks or months of hospital intensive care
  • Skin grafts and reconstructive surgery
  • Grueling physical therapy
  • Pain medications
  • Permanent impairment or nerve damage
  • Serious disfigurement
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Experienced Philadelphia Burn Injury Attorney

Insurance companies are notorious for downplaying the impact of even serious and obvious injuries such as third-degree burns. Many law firms are too quick to accept a settlement that may not cover the long-term impact. Michael Luber knows that burn victims must deal with physical and emotional pain and visible and psychological scars from their ordeal. He knows they will only have one opportunity to win damages for the lifetime impact. He is a true trial lawyer who is prepared to present the full story to a jury if the insurance companies hold back.

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