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Philadelphia Civil Rights Violation Attorney

Compensation for Excessive Force and Other Police Misconduct

The Constitution, federal laws and decisions by the highest courts outline what police can and cannot do in investigating crimes and making arrests. Unfortunately, some law enforcement officers skirt the rules or abuse their authority.

At Luber Law, we vigorously uphold the civil rights of citizen. Experienced trial lawyer Michael Luber has successfully sued governmental entities for injuries, false arrest and other misconduct of police and prosecutors. You may be entitled to justice in the form of public accountability and monetary damages.

We handle civil rights litigation in the Philadelphia area and southeast Pennsylvania. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

Philadelphia Lawyer for Civil Rights Violations

Michael Luber has a long record of notable recoveries in civil litigation, including large jury awards in cases in which the defense offered little or no compensation. He is a hands-on attorney who invests in cases, including a commitment to go all the way to trial if necessary.

Mr. Luber can explore your possible civil rights lawsuit for police misconduct or other abuse of power:

  • Excessive force (police brutality)
  • Unjustified use of deadly force
  • False arrest or phony charges of resisting arrest
  • Racial profiling
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Warrantless searches
  • Cruel and unusual punishment

Luber Law won damages in federal court for deprivation of rights under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act, on behalf of a client who was permanent injured. After a lengthy chase, police officers mercilessly beat the man to the point that his arm was permanently paralyzed.

Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer

You do not forfeit your civil rights simply because you are suspected of a crime or have past convictions. Let Michael Luber determine if you have a case. For a free initial consultation, call 888-ASK-ME-LAW (888-275-6352) or 267-528-0225 in the Philly Metro area, or contact us online.