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Man at Philadelphia restaurant says cheesesteak saved his life

People in Philadelphia are proud of their cheesesteaks. The world-famous sandwiches are a symbol of the city. But this may be the first time that hunger for a cheesesteak saved someone from being hit by a car.

A recent car accident at Pat’s King of Steaks, a South Philly cheesesteak shop, caused injuries to all three people inside the car. But it could have been much worse. A customer says he was nearly struck by the car, which hit his SUV. The SUV was pushed into the nearby table where he had been sitting. If he had still been sitting there, the man could have been seriously hurt.

But about 30 seconds before the car crashed into another vehicle on the street and richoceted into his SUV, the man stood up to go into the restaurant. He had finished his cheesesteak and wanted seconds. Because of his hunger, the man was not caught up in the collision.

Two passengers in the car were taken to the hospital. The driver fled the scene. Witnesses said the car was going about 45 miles per hour and ran a stop sign just before the first part of the accident. They allegedly saw the driver throw a bottle of vodka and another object out of the car before leaving.

As we said, there could have been many more injuries as a result of this incident. Though it was late at night, it appears there were several people outside the restaurant. Any of them could have been struck. As they were not inside a vehicle, they likely would have been seriously injured.

Source: KYW-TV, “Car Accident Outside Pat’s King Of Steaks Narrowly Misses Customer,” Jim Melwert and Jenn Bernstein, Sep. 10, 2013.

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