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Intoxicated Pennsylvania truck driver involved in accident

A Pennsylvania truck driver was accused of driving his tractor-trailer while intoxicated at the time he crashed his truck on a bridge. Police reported the truck driver lost control of his big-rig, crossed over the median and then collided with a car driven by a 39-year old woman. The truck accident also caused major backups on the bridge that lasted for hours.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she was treated for head, leg and a number of internal injuries. The truck driver received numerous citations including vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated, and possession of a controlled substance.

As truck accidents can be so major, it is always a good idea for victims in such crashes to consult with an attorney experienced in litigating truck accidents. Attorneys are able to investigate such crashes, reconstruct what has occurred, and try personal injury cases in court.  Attorneys can also make determinations as to whether other parties such as employers of truck drivers should be brought into the lawsuit as well.

The consequences of an accident with a truck like this one obviously can be severe. The sheer size of the trucks can result in almost any accident causing major injury.

Truck drivers already have enough difficulty in maneuvering their vehicle through traffic and difficult turns. Trucks do not stop as easily as other vehicles, and it’s almost impossible to bring a truck under control once it veers off course.

And because trucks are large and cumbersome it makes it more difficult for even attentive drivers to keep their vehicles under control during certain circumstances. Add having an intoxicated driver behind the wheel and we have a recipe for disaster.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “Pa. trucker charged after crash on NY bridge,” Aug. 28, 2013

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