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This Summer, Don’t Pokemon Go and Drive


Pokémon Go – a smartphone app that combines the fun of a scavenger hunt with the addictiveness of crack cocaine – has already become a huge sensation around the world. And while the app might be fun, it can also lead to the finding of a dead body or you getting robbed. Pokémon Go might also lead someone to completely lose their mind and attempt to #catchemall while driving, which has led to a real campaign reminding people not to do that pda3ezz.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen stories of Pokemon Go players crashing cars, getting shot at, falling off cliffs, aimlessly wandering into traffic and even creating Walking Dead-style stampedes in cities across the globe. Apparently the search for virtual monsters is so strong that players can’t help but throw all of their common sense out the window once they fire up the game.

In the most recent instance of a Pokemon Go addiction gone too far, a distracted driver playing the popular game rammed his Toyota Rav4 straight into a parked police car.

So dear aspiring Pokemon Trainers, please don’t Pokemon Go and drive – and always be aware of your surroundings to stay safe!